Thursday, October 6, 2016

Learning from mistakes

One reason Mesomania persists among LDS scholars is the fear of being wrong. But new information should be embraced, not rejected and fought against.

We can learn from our mistakes.

Let's say mistakes have been made, such as assumptions about historical events (such as the long-held belief that Joseph Smith was the acting editor of the Times and Seasons in 1842, that he wrote or approved of the anonymous articles, etc.).

True, that mistake was one of the foundations of the Mesoamerican theory of geography.

True, even today some LDS scholars cite the Times and Seasons to justify their Mesoamerican theory.

And true, the same historical mistake has made its way into numerous books and lesson manuals about what Joseph Smith taught.

But now that we have more information and know better, let's fix the mistakes and not perpetuate them.

Here's a good approach to learning from our mistakes:

DesNews did a story on this:

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