Monday, December 5, 2016

Mesomania video on

An alert reader pointed me to an awesome example of mesomania, right on

The video is a response to the Book of Mormon musical. It "gives a short but poignant view of The Book of Mormon and it's relevance to each of us." It's fast-paced and fun. Undoubtedly effective. So I get the artistic idea, but it summarizes the entire Book of Mormon history with a backdrop of Mayan temples!

Check it out:

This is yet another demonstration of the subliminal influence of the Arnold Friberg painting of Christ descending to the Nephites next to a massive Mayan stepped pyramid with a temple on top and a steep staircase up the center.

I get it. The style of the video compares New York with this Mayan city, and it's merely an artistic representation of the Americas that people can quickly identify.

But look at the message. The narration says: "Where's the setting? The Americas."

Which is illustrated by these Mayan temples.

The Church media department is telling the world the Book of Mormon took place in Central America. 


Which, in turn, means the two-Cumorahs theory and all that entails.

If this video motivates people to request a copy of the Book of Mormon, they'll get the blue book that includes even more illustrations from Mesoamerica.

But when they read the book, they won't find a single mention of jungles, pyramids, Mayans, and the rest.

No wonder so many people are confused and disturbed in their faith.

This would all be so easy to correct if we as a people would simply heed what Joseph and Oliver told us about Cumorah way back in 1835.

Look how the entire narrative of the Book of Mormon plays out against the backdrop of Mayan pyramids:


You can watch it here.

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  1. Ah! that's the art from the new primary coloring book they put out a few months back. It keeps on coming.